About Us

Ondago LLC was formed in 2021 for the launch and brand management of Hot Bento and Hot Kup. The members of Ondago are well established companies with proven leadership in their fields.

Innovative Scuba Concepts

Founded in 1988, Innovative Scuba Concepts has grown to become the market leader in diving accessories, offering more than 4,000 products to customers in the United States and abroad. Industry leaders know they can trust Innovative Scuba Concepts to provide unparalleled customer service combined with a wide variety of quality products at a value price. The distribution strength and experience has helped build a solid foundation for Ondago LLC


International Innovations has been creating unique and award winning products since 1995. Patented and Patent Pending thermo-electric technology, along with an improvement of battery technology, led to the creation of self heating water bottles that were the first products able to fully boil (212°) water with a portable and compact battery.

It took another 2 year of intensive R&D to apply this tech to food products with the launch of Hot Bento. Hot Kup offers new options in the beverage category. A full family of products are in development-stay tuned for more.

Batteries are changing industries, we are proud to be "leading the charge" into the Food and Beverage arena.